How to Slay your Saree like Deepika Padukone

She is the queen of saree draping, don't you think?  I love how Deepika Padukone carries the long pallu off her arm, gracefully letting it hang with apparently no effort required.  The way it accentuates her hips, waistline and general silhouette is like magic.  

The Deepika drape looks easy right?  Yes...once you figure out how to do it!

I used to drape my saree the way my mom used to wear her's.  It was OK, you know the usual pleats and full chest coverage and a mid length pallu that could be easily tucked in to get out of the way.  Then I realized that that was the "mom saree" - necessary for practicality around our home, especially when we had parties.  

Don't do it ladies!!! Don't wear the mom saree. 

I know mom jeans are currently in, but the mom saree should never be allowed to become fashionable...ever.  Sorry mom, but the Deepika drape ranks highest above all.

Here's how to flow Deepika Padukone vibes when you wear your saree:

1) the usual steps: tighten your petticoat 2 inches below your belly button; secure the pleats with a safety pin and tuck in to your petticoat; secure the pleats bunch to your petticoat too for extra peace of mind;

2) grasp the rest of the undraped saree in your hand like you would an extended rope;

3) this is the important part:  as you move the the rest of the saree around your back (towards your right underarm) you must gently tug/pull the fabric around the left thigh/bum area so that 2 or 3 pleats on your left side are not hanging down but turning into more or less horizontal pleats/drapes.

NOTE: putting step 3 into words is hard so watch the attached video!

NOTE: step 3 simultaneously elongates the pallu and should result in the short side of the pallu to be more or less parallel to the floor. 

4) pull the saree across your chest.  Remember to include the extra fabric that has gathered from the pulling/tugging in step 3.  You could do a peekabo half chest coverage or full coverage - your personal choice.  I like wearing the saree pallu just under the right breast and over the other.  You will have to tug a little more to get the perfect drape.

5) pin the saree to the left side, top back shoulder part of your blouse.  let the pallu hang off your left wrist.  

You can flow even more Deepika Padukone vibes by pairing your saree with a deep neck sleeveless simple blouse.  Wear large statement earrings or a statement necklace and some bangles to complete the look.

Watch your body turn into that of a Goddess.

Of course, you can't channel goddess vibes without loving your inner goddess first.  Come on ladies, love yourself inside out, whatever your size, shape, colour, or scars may be.  

Tell us who your favourite saree slaying lady is!  

Love always, 


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