About Us

Who we are in a nutshell:  RSKhan is the glamorization of feminine strength. We love sparkle, glitter and bling to bring out the fierce woman that resides in all of us.  Anyone can rock a Lehenga, Skirt, Dress or Saree if we give ourselves the permission to. So why not make an indelible fashion statement - we are worth it!

BTW RSKhan provides:
1) Free shipping over $200 in Canada and the continental US;
2) a no-hassle return policy; and
3) volume & flare boosting cancans stitched right into our skirts to give the
impression of a cinched waist.

 Vintage, modern, contemporary, traditional, east meets west, old world charm, simple, or elaborate - whatever your fashion mood you will find it here in a world of beauty and choice at R.S.Khan. Our vision brings to life the potential of intricate fabric: to melt your heart and create endearing memories. There is nothing more beautiful than a person who feels beautiful. Our pieces strive to instill that feeling - saturated colour, glitter, embellishments, ruffles, and flare are all elements of creating the fashion mood of feeling beautiful.

R.S. Khan label believes that lehengas should look voluminous and give that elegant princess feel.  No more frumpy and sad lehengas!  Most of our lehengas come with a stitched in cancan (made of either stiff net or crisp ruffled cotton).  You can also purchase a separate cancan skirt (with built in hoops!) at a nominal cost for that extra ooomph!.

Value: Indian & Pakistani Ethnic wear doesn't have to come with a huge price tag.  Our label boasts quality, modern, and chic designs, at an affordable price.  Go ahead and compare.  You will come back here knowing that you can look fabulous without breaking the bank!

Extra Value: 

1) All sarees come with a matching petticoat free of charge (we do our best to match);

2) All lehengas come with a stitched in cancan to create a voluminous princess like A-line look;

3) The skirt waistband is adjustable - comes with a discreet rope (nara) adorned with beautiful latkans at the ends.  This allows our lehengas to fit perfectly.  

Variety: You be the fashionista

Our line consists of lehengas (skirts), sarees, blouses, dupattas (stoles), trousers (narrow pants), and Kameez (shift dresses).  All items are sold individually so that you can release your inner fashion designer by mixing different colours and patterns.  You don't have to be matchy matchy if you don't want to!  

Transitionals: The added benefit of our Kameez line is that they double as a shift dress!  Just don't wear any pants....and voila you are now wearing a dress! These items can be worn with heels, knee/thigh high boots, ankle boots, or sandals for your evening out to a western event, be it the club, lounge, restaurant, work event, gala or whatever you want.  

Last Minute Care: We also provide a "last minute" care package on each order composed of: 3 safety pins, thread, and a hook and eye pair.  You probably will not need it, but just in case...why not!